Sonntag, 18. März 2012

She's a lady

For a few days, Jérémie is taking care of his sister's dog.

So for now, a black dog lady is hanging around in our flat, forcing us to go for walks.
Every time we eat she's sending us reproachful glances from below the table.
Every night she's laying her big black head on our bed,
trying to reach any limb to lick.
Sometimes she sings in her sleep.

A few minutes ago I undertook an effort to record her.
She was laying peacefully by my feet.
But the very moment I reached for the microphone, she changed.
She got up instantly and stared at it with a very stern face.
She brought her body in a safe distance.
Then she just watched me, warily.
She felt that I had an agenda.

The more suspicious she grew, the more I felt guilty.
In the end I felt so sorry that I brought her a cookie.

She didn't eat it, until I had left the room.

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